Things to invest in 2019 – 6 Markets to Keep a Close Eye On

The year 2018 is behind us. And, if we were to describe its effect on the global economy in one word, then you’ll probably agree with us that turbulent fits it perfectly just by looking at the facts.

An endlessly ongoing trade war. Cannabis shares surging in price. Cryptocurrencies hitting record lows. A seemingly disjointed UK parliament failing to progress the Brexit negotiations. All these events sent mixed signals to investors and forced them to constantly re-update their portfolios in the hopes of catching up with the racing market trends.

Will the same thing happen in 2019? Let’s find out.

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5 more “fat finger” errors that (nearly) destroyed the markets

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As we witnessed in our previous blog post on the topic, flash crashes can sometimes be sparked by typical human flaws, such as greed or carelessness.

This time around we’ll examine 5 extra cases where the markets crashed not just under the hasty fingers of nervous traders, but also due to some serious malfunctions in the automated trading software that they used. Before we do that, however, we’ll attempt to address the question that’s probably swirling in your mind as we speak.

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Two man-made flash crashes that rattled the markets

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Abrupt market crashes, also known as “flash crashes”, are anything but new. And while their effect on the global economies is typically short-lived, there are instances where such downfalls can spark lengthy economic crises, similar to the Black Tuesday—the day that marked the beginning of the Great Depression.

But if history has taught us anything during all these years of trading it’s that sudden market dips are usually a byproduct of either boundless avarice or downright reckless behaviour. In this article, we’ll look into two real-life examples of how greed and carelessness nearly caused the markets to come to a grinding halt.

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Trading News to Watch Next Week (21-25 January 2019)

Source: DF Markets

Unemployment reports seem to be a major theme for the upcoming week, as well as a series of noteworthy statements concerning Japan’s economic stability. Don’t let trading opportunities slip away—check out our post for the full list of events and make sure to visit our in-depth (and absolutely free to use) Economic Calendar.

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