10 curious facts about International Women’s Day

Flowers background in Celebration of Women's International Day

Happy International Women’s Day! We would like to remind the rest of the world how amazing women are and the struggles they still face all over the world. We compiled a list of some amazing facts that we think you need to know:

1. Researchers have claimed that women speak about 20,000 words a day on average. It’s just 7,000 for men.

2. According to analysts, women produce half the world’s food but own only 1% of its farmland.

3. Mary Queen of Scots has been attributed to creating the world’s first golf course.

4. There are currently 17 countries with women as heads of government, heads of state, or both.

5. Of the 157 million women currently living in the US, nearly 85.4 million (54%) are mothers.

6. Generally considered to be the world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji was written in Japan around AD 1000 by Murasaki Shikibu—a woman.

7. The average woman owns more than 25 pairs of shoes.

8. Research has shown that the probability of a woman giving birth to a baby girl instead of a baby boy increases significantly the nearer she lives to the equator.

9. The two highest IQs ever recorded on a standard test both belong to women.

10. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 39 million girls worldwide are not enrolled in school and are denied a secondary education.

There are much more male traders all over the world. We encourage you, women around the world, to fix this injustice. But most of all – we encourage you to have a wonderful day today!

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