Changes to Trading Hours Over Easter Holidays

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Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that the trading hours of some markets will be changed this week (19-22 April) in connection with the upcoming Easter holidays as per the Catholic and Protestant calendars. The changes are as follows:

Fri 19 Apr Mon 22 Apr
UK100 Closed Closed
US Indices Closed Normal trading hours
EUGERMANY30 Closed Extended Hours Trading (All day)
EUFRANCE40 Closed Closed
EU50 Closed Closed
ITALY40 Closed Closed
EUSPAIN35 Closed Closed
EUHOLLAND25 Closed Closed
Switzerland30 Closed Closed
Japan225 Closed Normal trading hours
HONGKONG33 Closed Closed
Australia200* Closed Closed
EUGERMANYMID50 Closed Closed
EUGERMANYTEC30 Closed Closed

*On Thursday, April 18, the index Australia200 will close earlier – at 15:00 (British time)

US shares Closed Open at 14.30 – No extended hours
UK shares Closed Closed
German shares Closed Closed
French shares Closed Closed
Swedish shares* Closed Closed
Norwegian shares** Closed Closed
Swiss shares Closed Closed
Rest of EU shares Closed Closed

*On Thursday, April 18, the Swedish shares will close earlier – at 11:30 (British time)

**On Wednesday, April 17, the Norwegian shares will close earlier – at 11:30 (British time). On Thursday, April 18, they will remain closed for the entire day.

Spot metals
Gold Closed Normal trading hours
Silver Closed Normal trading hours
US energies Closed Normal trading hours
UK energies Closed Normal trading hours
Metals Closed Normal trading hours
Coffee Closed Open at 12:30
Cocoa Closed Open at 12:30
Corn Closed Normal trading hours
Sugar Closed Open at 12:30
Wheat Closed Normal trading hours
Financial Futures Closed Normal trading hours

All times are in UK time.

Forex and cryptocurrency markets, as well as other markets, will operate within their usual hours.

You can find up-to-date information about the trading hours of all financial instruments that are offered by DF Markets in our Range of Markets section.

Please take this information into account when planning your trading activities during this time period.