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The cannabis stock craze—a boon for the global economy or a dotcom in disguise?

Source: | Photographer: Roberto Valdivia

Depending on who you ask cannabis was, up until recently, one of two things—a medical drug or a laziness-inducing opiate. This all changed when Canada recently announced out of the blue that it’s going to legalise the recreational use of marijuana.

Suddenly, what was once an illegal substance has since become a highly sought-after asset for many professional investors and common folk alike as both attempt to cash in on a multibillion dollar business. But will this industry be here to stay?

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Ray Dalio: there will be a new economic downturn in two years

Pictured: Train passing near a drawn shadow of a man with "Made in crisis" written next to him

Source: | Photographer: Robert Metz

In about two years the global economy may enter a new financial crisis, thinks Ray Dalio, founder and co-chief investment officer of the Bridgewater Associates hedge fund.

In a recent interview for the popular business and economy website Business Insider, Dalio noted that the current situation is quite similar to that preceding the 1937 recession.

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Weekly Overview (03 – 07 September 2018): Barack Obama berated Trump, urged voters to restore “some semblance of sanity” in US politics

Barack Obama


After refraining to comment on the questionable decisions made by US president Donald Trump for two years on end, Barack Obama has finally emerged from the shadows. In a passionate speech at the University of Illinois on Friday, the former US president urged his fellow citizens to vote against the Trump presidency and put an end to its “abuses of power”.

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