Changes to Trading Conditions for Cryptocurrency CFDs

Dear Traders,

We would like to inform you that effective from Friday, 29th June, we are lowering the margin requirements for our Cryptocurrency CFDs down to 25% and are also increasing the maximum position sizes for some of them.

25% Margin

The new lower margins will give clients more opportunities for trading on our wide range of Cryptocurrency markets, which include 8 of the leading digital currenciesin terms of popularity, market capitalisation, and potential for diverse real-world applications.

This change to our trading conditions means that if the ETH/USD price was, for instance, $500, you would need $125 as margin to buy/sell 1 CFD on Ether USD (ETH/USD).

Larger Position Sizes Allowed

Current Max. Position Size1200 CFDs

2 CFDs10 CFDs3 CFDs
New Max. Position Size2500 CFDs10 CFDs20 CFDs10 CFDs

*The target spread on DASH/USD is reduced from $10 to $6.

Disclaimer: Please note that Cryptocurrency CFDs are an extremely high-risk, speculative investment!


On our website, you will find a comprehensive list and detailed trading conditions for all of our Cryptocurrency markets.

Kind regards,

The DF Markets Team

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