Changes to Trading Hours (28 October–02 November 2018)

Chalk-drawn clock on black board


Dear Traders,

Please be advised that due to the shift from Daylight Saving Time (DST) to standard time in Europe, trading hours of some CFD markets will be changed during the period 28 Oct – 02 Nov 2018.

This temporary adjustment is needed as the US switches to standard time one week later than European countries, which means that:

– US equity markets (including extended hours trading) will open and close an hour earlier.

– EUGERMANY30 (and corresponding mini and cash instruments) will open an hour earlier and close at 21:00 UK Time.

– USOil and UKOil futures will open and close an hour earlier, between 00:00-21:00 UK Time.

– GOLD and SILVER (and corresponding cash instruments) will open and close an hour earlier.

*On Friday USOil, UKOil, gold, and silver markets will close at 21:00 UK Time as normal.

Please note that trading hours of Forex and cryptocurrency markets will not be affected by this adjustment.

There will also be changes to the trading hours of several Futures and other markets. In our Range of Markets you can find up-to-date information about the trading hours of all financial instruments available for trading.

Please take into account the above information when planning your trading activities during this time period.