DFTrader platform – Logical and Net Modes of Operation tutorial

Logical and net modes of operation | DF Markets

Today, we’d like to point your attention to the Logical and Net Modes of Operation.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what exactly is Net mode – it’s when you open positions in the same trading instrument, they are combined in one single position, with an average price and a net volume. Instead of showing the result from each separate trade, the position displays the aggregate result from all of them.

Some traders, however, prefer to view the result from each individual position.

This is why DFTrader also features a Logical mode of operation, in which all positions in the same instrument are shown separately.

Orders placed in Logical mode form logical positions, which can be managed aggregately, separately or selectively according to your preferences.

With logical orders you can also easily keep track of hedged, or opposite positions in the same instrument – for example both long and short positions in euro/dollar. Another advantage is that no margin is required for each separate trade but for the net position only.

If you want to learn more about the Logical and Net modes and see an example, you can easily do so by watching our short video on the topic:

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