New CFDs on ETFs and Cryptocurrencies

Pictured: the NYC Stock Exchange


Dear clients,

We are pleased to inform you that we are expanding our range of financial instruments by adding 13 ETFs and two new cryptocurrencies.



Genomic Revolution (ARKGETF): this ETF invests in companies seeking to improve and extend the quality of human life by incorporating the latest advancements in genomics.

Digitalisation (DigitalisationETF): the growth potential behind this ETF comes from the increasing popularity and application of digital services. It seeks to track the performance of an index composed of emerging and developed market companies focused on digital services.

Disruptive Tech (DTECETF): tracks the investment results of an index composed of global companies that enter traditional markets via new digital means of production and distribution, and that are likely to disrupt an existing market or value network.

Dividend Aristocrats (EuDivAristocratsETF): tracks the performance of certain high dividend-yielding equity securities issued by companies located in the Eurozone.

Malaysia (EWMETF): tracks investment results of an index composed of Malaysian equities.

Millennials (MILNETF): provides investment results about the performance of U.S.-listed companies that have connected with the millennial generation.

Robotics and Automation (RoboticsETF): this ETF spreads its investments across more than 80 cutting-edge companies across a multitude of industries—from healthcare to manufacturing to aerospace technologies.

Medical Breakthroughs (SBIOETF): measures the performance of small- and mid-cap stocks of biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies that have one or more drugs passing Phase II or Phase III of the US Food and Drug Administration clinical trials.

Uranium (URAETF): tracks companies involved in uranium mining and the production of nuclear components, as well as those specialising in extraction, refining, exploration, or manufacturing of equipment for the uranium and nuclear industries.

Health Care Equipment (XHEETF): measures the performance of the health care equipment and supplies market segment in the U.S.

Innovative Technology (XITKETF): measures the performance of U.S.-listed stocks of technology-related companies found within the most innovative segments of the technology sector and the electronic media sub-sector.

Telecom (XTLETF): tracks the U.S. telecom industry, making it a useful tool for investors looking to implement a sector rotation strategy or who seek to invest in high dividend-paying companies.

Internet (XWEBETF): provides investment results regarding exposure to U.S. web and internet-related businesses that are focused on shifting the bases of technology infrastructure to the cloud, the Internet of Things, big data, new payment methods and more.

The new ETFs are offered at 10% margin for Professional Clients (20% margin for Retail Clients) and also as Cash CFDs at 100% margin. You can check the detailed trading conditions for all ETF CFDs offered by DF Markets in the Range of Markets section on our website.



Stellar (XLM/USD): a distributed, open-source payments infrastructure platform which is tasked with connecting people, payment systems, and banks together. The team behind Stellar aims to fight poverty and maximise the inner potential of every individual by providing access to low-cost financial services.

EOS (EOS/USD): an open-source blockchain operating system used for developing decentralised apps, often marketed as the “Ethereum Killer”. EOS is expected to be able to process thousands of transactions each second by combining Bitcoin’s security tech with Ethereum’s smart contract features.

The new Cryptocurrencies are offered at 25% margin for Professional Clients and at 50% margin for Retail Clients. For further information, please view our detailed conditions for trading cryptocurrency CFDs with DF Markets.       

Please note that Cryptocurrency CFDs are an extremely high-risk and speculative investment!