Wall Street less than happy after Netflix undershoots its own subscriber growth target

  • Netflix’s underwhelming subscriber report for Q2 shocked investors
  • Company stock fell by 13% almost immediately following the news
  • CEO Reed Hastings expressed positive outlook despite rising rivals

Person holding a remote against a TV with Netflix written on screen

125 million subscribers worldwide. Isn’t that more than enough for a video streaming platform to be considered successful?

Well, not when you are running an ambitious company such as Netflix, and especially not when you severely underdeliver on your subscriber growth forecast and leave your investors feeling confused and with a bitter taste in their mouths.

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Microsoft throws Apple the gauntlet by unveiling their latest tablet


  • Microsoft’s Surface Go tablet is expected to hit store shelves on August 2
  • With this gadget, the company aims to rival Apple’s cheaper iPad lineup
  • Keyboards and other accessories for the device will be sold separately

Starting from July 10, users will be able to pre-order Microsoft’s latest technological offering, the Surface Go. This presents consumers with two important questions:

  1. How will this device differ from the company’s very own Surface Pro and,
  2. Will it hold up against Apple’s meticulously engineered iPad products?

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