Apple’s 2018 Keynote: What’s New on the Tech Front, How Fans Reacted, and What All This Could Mean for AAPL Stocks


  • The latest Apple event revealed 3 new iPhones for 2018 and a smart watch
  • The company quietly removed iPhone X and other devices from their store
  • Many thought the event lacked the polish and enthusiasm of previous releases

Pictured: Apple HQ

Source: | Photographer: Carles Rabada

After initial bouts of excitement preceding the most anticipated 2018 event for Apple fans, many were left largely disappointed by what the company had in store. Naturally, this sentiment was instantly picked up by the global markets and negatively impacted the company’s stocks.

Now that the latest Keynote is behind us, was the public’s response warranted and was its reaction to Apple’s 2017 event really any different?

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The 4 Types of Investors Behind Almost Every Successful Startup


Pre-seed stages. Seed stages. Venture capital rounds. In just a handful of years, startup financing in Europe has transformed from mere bank loans to an elaborate, multi-layered system.

Because of this, today we distinguish 4 main tiers of startup investors based on how far the company has evolved at the time of funding, how big is the investment, and other factors.

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Weekly Overview (03 – 07 September 2018): Barack Obama berated Trump, urged voters to restore “some semblance of sanity” in US politics

Barack Obama


After refraining to comment on the questionable decisions made by US president Donald Trump for two years on end, Barack Obama has finally emerged from the shadows. In a passionate speech at the University of Illinois on Friday, the former US president urged his fellow citizens to vote against the Trump presidency and put an end to its “abuses of power”.

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