#TheNewTen: 15 of the Funniest Tweets About the $10 Bill Redesign

Picture of 50 Pesos banknote

The U.S. Treasury Department has announced that it is kicking Alexander Hamilton off the the $10 dollar bill in 2020 to replace his image with a female one.

“The next generation of currency will revolve around the theme of democracy. The first note, the new $10, will feature a notable woman,” says The New 10, a designated website created by the Treasury for the occasion.

“The person should be iconic and have made a significant contribution to — or impact on — protecting the freedoms on which our nation was founded,” explains the website further.

But who is this woman gonna be? Ideas are still being crowdsourced, and the Treasury is trying to generate some social media buzz with the hashtag #thenewten. The general public doesn’t seem to care too much, though – in fact, the season finale of “Game of Thrones” caused a lot more social media outbursts than the new $10 bill design. So does news about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, it’s worth mentioning that her name has been suggested to compete for the spot on the new banknote design. The same goes for Beyonce, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman and even fictional characters such as Leslie Knope of the TV show “Parks & Recreation”. In the end, it will be up to the American people to vote, so we might as well end up with Honey-Boo-Boo on the bill. We’ll see.

It is not just us who tend to be a tad sarcastic about the topic, though – many others have also decided to take a more humorous stance on the topic. Below, we have made a selection of the funniest #thenewten tweets.


There were the ones who decided to play with the transgender theme:

  And the ones who relied on good, old, politically-correct humor:

  Many based their fun tweets on gender inequality and the wage gap:

  And then there were the suggestions for the powerful women the new bill should feature:

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